Wednesday, July 15

The older couple


I was just 18 when I met an older couple. Joop aged 67 and his wife, aged 61. Andrea and Joop still looked good for their age. they exercise a lot. I got to know them during exercise, we increasingly trained together. Until she invited me to spend an evening with them. It was a lot of fun that night. After a while and a few drinks further Andrea started kissing me, I looked at Joop who was quite happy with that and before I knew it Andrea and I were tonguing ardently. As a result, I only later noticed that Joop had undressed and fished my dick out of my pants and started blowing me. Although it shocked me quite a bit, it felt nice. So I let Joop go and started to feel and bare Andrea’s breasts. what a beautiful set of breasts she had with delicious big nipples which I started to suck greedily. after a while we were all naked and Joop suggested that I take Andrea in her horny ass. my cock was rock hard from his pipe so I could string her on my pole so what I did. I was just fucking that sweet and horny Andrea in her ass while Joop slid his cock in her mouth. She greedily sucked his cock and I pounded my 6-inch cock inside her. I felt my cum bubbling and I filled up that horny ass. I was still inside her and was recovering when I felt Joop’s cock pushing into my ass and I didn’t know what to do. After a few minutes I found it quite tasty and I was completely taken by Joop. I felt how he injected his warm seed into my star. I was so horny in the meantime that I turned around to suck his cock now. Andrea started to lick my anus where my cock started to prance again and I could go for the next round. But you can read that in part 2

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