Wednesday, July 15

In the locker room at school


I Floris am a boy of 18 years old 1.90 tall and do VWO. I am in class with a couple of sluts but I have been in class with Isa for 5 years I love her so much she has a cup A size and has a nice big firm ass. I sometimes fantasize about being in bed with her, but in those 5 years it has never come this far. I did have something with her in the 2nd for 7 months, but then it was all about kissing. June 18 my birthday we have the first 2 hours gym I am in the changing room to change when suddenly the door knocked I looked under the door, she was standing there then I looked straight into Isa’s pussy completely bald I closed the door open and when she walked in she only had her bra on and immediately got a boner she noticed immediately she brought her hand to my pants but I held her to I said; ” First I want you to arrange something for me please get those gorgeous girlfriends of yours (Claire and Sophie) who are also in my class both cup A and a big ass I walked to the disabled dressing room because it is bigger and there they came hear Isa Claire and Sophie all in their thong and without bra their nipples protruded straight forward I said: Girls I spray you all one by one completely full only first in line queue Sophie stood in front Claire behind and Isa as last. Okay Claire and Isa turn around you can’t look. There Sophie nipples stood straight forward slowly our tongues intertwined I massaged her breasts with my hands and she slowly put her hand in my pants then she lowered my pants. She was completely amazed 22cm came there when my pants unfolded I said: Sorry I should have warned you my dick is a little bigger than average she said: It never quite fits me. Then our tongues intertwined again I slowly lowered her red thong and then I began to feel her clitoris one finger in two fingers in it she began to moan noisily three fingers in four fingers. My whole hand went into Sophie’s pussy like that she said I’m coming I’m going to come she was going to sit on the bench and I was going to sit under her there she slurped everything that came out of her pussy then I said the real thing now said bend over and put your hands on the bench i took a run up and banged my dick all at once she moaned so loud they could hear it in Amsterdam bog i said i was going to come and i squirted in three fill her up completely I said to Claire that it is her turn now she immediately started to blow me she was good at it JESUS ‚Äč‚ÄčTERING what is this nice when she was done I stretched out on the bench and she had to prepare me there she bam bam bam bam bam I didn’t say I was coming I shot her completely full at once she moaned just as hard as Sophie now it’s Isa’s turn I grabbed Isa by the ass and brought her cunt up my dick I started it was nice with one hand I turned her pants over g and from behind I went to finger her when I pushed her against the stone wall legs clamped around me asshole cracked hard direct hit in her bald pussy bam bam bam bam bam bam bam 10 minutes I kept that up I sprayed last bit in her pussy well Isa that was it.

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