Thursday, July 16

Seven friends in a cave


It was like summer vacation. Seven single friends, all around 20 years old, decided to camp in the woods together. Not far from the city was a kind of cave where friends often came to drink together and to roast marshmallows. They had never slept there before, so that was the new challenge. Therefore, on a beautiful and warm summer evening, they went packed and on their way to the cave. They followed a narrow forest path until they came to a clearing. In the (despite the time) burning sun, they continued towards the cave. Thomas, Benjamin and Robin were all brown, muscular guys who soon took off their shirts. In addition, there was Michiel, a frail, somewhat shy and insecure boy who seemed to prefer to keep his shirt on. “It must be so chill to be a boy! Just take off your shirt and pee standing up … “said Merel, wiping the sweat from her forehead. Thomas joked, “You can take your shirt off too!” “No, really not!” The girls shouted in unison. Merel, Nora and Liv didn’t see the boys that way. They were only good friends; there was no question of sexual feelings. And actually the boys thought the same way, although they couldn’t resist making the occasional mistake …

The seven friends continued on their way and arrived at the abandoned cave not much later. They quickly unpacked their mats and sleeping bags, and as the ladies unpacked the food and drinks, the boys went looking for wood for campfire. A little later they had a nice fire and it was time to drink beer, roast marshmallows and have fun. The evening flew by and it was not long before everyone was slightly tipsy and despite the friends not having sexual feelings, the subject turned out to be sex. “I’ve been dry for so long!” Merel said. “When we get back, I really need to find a guy in the pub or something!” Robin chuckled. “Yes you don’t have to worry about anything, Robin! You may be single, but you have a girl in your bed at least three times a week … “That’s right, because Robin was the clear player of the group. “How do you do that?” Nora asked. “Just,” said Robin, “Just trying to get a chick totally horny and word of mouth, of course! They all had a fantastic night with me, so they tell them 100% the next day to their friends, who also want to… ”The group laughed. “I recently found such a nice chick through Tinder.”, Said Benjamin, “Really such a big ass and big tits! Yes, I did a good fuck. By the way, that girl was ranting dude! Not normal! “While the boys went on about the sex they had had recently, Merel saw that Michiel seemed rather uncomfortable and was getting restless. “What about you, Michael?” She asked. “I eh, I ehhhhhh,” Michael stuttered, averting his gaze. “Yes tell me, Michael!” Liv urged him. “Ehhhh nothing special …” “Come on, boy. You’ve had a good turn, right ?! “said Robin. Michiel seemed to get even more uncomfortable and crouched even further, secretly putting his hand on his groin. “No …” he said softly. Merel noticed that his hand had moved to his crotch and she asked softly, “Are you getting excited about the sex talk?” Michael nodded and the crying was closer to him than laughing. Liv put him at ease. “That’s okay, dude! That just happens. Moreover, I only lost my virginity last year… “Michiel seemed to relax a little and took his hand off his crotch, where a considerable bulge was now visible. Merel, who had been dry for a long time, couldn’t help it and kept looking at it. The others tried to distract her, but the damage had already been done. She crawled over to Michael and put her hand on his dick. At first he didn’t really know what to do, but then surrendered. Not much later, Merel was on top of Michael and they were tonguing violently. Merel stripped Michiel of his shirt and took out his hard cock, which must have been there, and slid her tongue down his chest and stomach. The others looked at the scene in disbelief, but the other boys also seemed to grow a bit down there. Merel started to pipe Michiel and he visibly enjoyed it. His eyes rolled to the back of his eye sockets and he moaned softly. His hands squeeze Merel’s full buttocks. Michiel gathered all his courage and rolled Merel on her back. He pulled down her jeans. To his surprise she did not wear a string under her pants, but he actually is extra horny. Especially since it showed that she was already wet. He put two fingers in her wet pussy and tried to imitate what he had seen other men do in the porn videos he regularly jerked off to. “Lick me,” Merel moaned. At first a bit awkward Michiel put his tongue over M

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