Thursday, July 16

I fucked my mother-in-law


Astrid and I were already enjoying our breakfast outside when we saw Wim coming out of the caravan of Carola, good morning he said and walked towards the toilet building and a little later Carola stepped out who also greeted us. Enjoyed mom, Astrid asked, it was great again and today it’s your turn to meet his cock girl. She also went to the toilet building and when I touched Astrid’s pussy she felt super wet so you feel like it, I said, yes what did you see how big his cock is. Yes you will feel good come in I said and there Bert came to step with a rocking cock so boys slept well, he asked, yes said Astrid wonderfully and then you yes too but first I had something else to do, yes we understood well you were with Ria so quickly. she is so nice and horny thing but mom will not have come up short either. He took a towel and went to the toilet building and we still enjoyed the sun.

In the afternoon again to the beach and at one point Wim asked if Astrid wanted to go shopping for groceries, she got up and went with him. She only put on a short dress again and said that Wim had already felt her pussy in the car and that he had to feel in his pants what he had there. You are going to feel good about it girl I am really looking forward to sewing you nice and deep and you asked her, I will be happy to spread my legs had been her answer. The groceries were bought quickly and as soon as they were on the camping site Astrid had to take off her dress and Wim had discovered that her nipples were thick, you are just as horny slut as your mother, he said and that annoys you Astrid asked, no I don’t like horny sluts at all. The groceries for her parents were placed in their caravan and then they went to Wim and Ria’s caravan. The groceries in place and now that you had said to Wim, lie down with your feet apart, look at what a nice and horny pussy you have, this young one will use it. He had put his mouth on her pussy and gave her a delicious bite. What do you have a nice fat pussy and what do you taste good, he worked her clit well and Astrid moaned that she wanted to feel his dick. He had grabbed her ankles and almost folded her in half, look at this I want to have your pussy on offer, he said. He slipped a few times with his thick purple head between her lips, he said, and he pushed his pole in at once and Astrid groaned. Yes you feel that slut, yes that is what your mother always says and he started to bump, I feel your cock deep said Astrid I have to ram through so hard and he did, he squeezed her firm breasts and nipples bitch slut I want to fuck your purse and Astrid enjoyed that ramming, I’m going to come so she said come on nice I spray your pussy so full. Astrid moaned out yes I come, come on nice and horny animal and there she came great.

Wim bumped deep and hard a few more times and Astrid felt his cock resizing a pole she understood why her mother liked to be fucked by Wim, I am going to squirt slut said Wim and there she felt rays of cum splashing deep in her pussy beam after beam. When he took his pole out of her pussy she felt a lot of cum running through her buttock seam and got a towel to clean her pussy. There is another hard spot in this, she said yes, that is seed that your mother has collected from her seed hole tomorrow. A little later they were on the way to the others on the beach and what was it like first what her mother asked, great she said and for you her mother asked Wim she is just as horny slut as you are. We are going to go later Ria told me I want to enjoy your pole baby and that happened.

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