Thursday, July 16



Below is the email I received from a date, a day after our appointment… with permission I can share it here!
Dear, nice boy,
It is now the day after you were here with me and I can only now fully understand what happened. I thought it only appropriate to share your feelings with you, now looking back on a wonderful gathering in which you let me experience divine pleasure. That’s the least I can do.
First of all, I would like to thank you again for not directly rejecting me as an old gentleman in old age. A young, handsome young man like you can probably wrap every guy around his finger, but you were open, both figuratively and quite literally, to help an old man have an almost forever missed experience. I am eternally grateful for that. I still hope you enjoyed our time together. As you said yesterday, that is the case, but I still wonder if that is not a proper upbringing of your parents, so you say that out of politeness.
I have taken another look at our correspondence, which has lasted about 2 weeks and in which we have notified each other daily, sometimes even several times a day, by email. I have enjoyed it alone and enjoy it again when I read it back. Nice especially to see that you have fulfilled all your words, without ever exaggerating or making something more beautiful than reality. That decorates you. As a result, reality was invariably more beautiful than our previous reflections.
The memories of how my wife and I once made love have come back to a great extent now and I enjoy it intensely. Together we have tapped a well that is full of thoughts and reflections of beautiful times that I could not remember before. After my wife passed away, I did not share the bed with anyone until yesterday. Until now, with you. It is the best decision I have made in years. That in addition to the fact that I have always hidden my secret love for men and that I have now also gained experience in it. My wife never knew that and it is good. This last part of my life I can now, without bothering her, still gain the experiences that I missed so much at the time and which I simply could not do in the life I lived.
I can’t help but look back now that I made love to you too. You may not experience it that way, your life in this present time does not really care about love, I have the idea, but I felt that way and I am happy to let you know. It was not like with my wife, but with equal passion and passion and I have the impression that you felt that passion too. I certainly do.
If I relive this in my mind yesterday, I can still recall many details. Your eyes when I opened the door and first saw you in person. Your body when we were in the bathroom and you undressed yourself before my eyes. How you helped me so sweetly and calmly afterwards. That we kiss! That which I had done before with another man, but which never felt as good as now with you… how nice you can kiss … I might miss that the most. Or well, the second most. But I will come back to that.
I was so scared, it probably didn’t help that I wouldn’t get an erection and it just wouldn’t work out in the end. You were so sweet to me that you put me at ease and gave me the time, all the time, to see if it would work. You already blew me in the shower! I didn’t get hard, but it still felt so good what you did and you were so nice to me. It still touches me.
In bed there was my erection, really only when I was allowed to taste your delicious buttocks and put my tongue in you. That was exactly what the merchant needed and you seemed to know that while I had no idea. You knew everything, I realize now, because despite my lack of experience I really know that the anal fucking of a man (or woman … that will certainly not differ) is really not possible, and yet it seemed like I was with my wife, it went so naturally and naturally. All because of you, don’t think I’m unaware of that.

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