Thursday, July 16

My unexpected performance in a sex club


Hi I’m Jolanda 39 years old, slim, blonde and have an open marriage with Peter.

From about 33 years old I feel a great need to explore my sexual limits, and Peter (who finds this exciting) gives me complete freedom in this. For example, I have a permanent friend Arie with whom I have often experienced many exciting things with Peter, such as DPs and various Gangbangs about which I have already written about this a few times.

I regularly go to the Sauna with Arie because Peter does not like this, after which we often do some “fun”. Just like last week, where Arie said that he went to a sex club / theater in Rotterdam with his friend Tjibbe who was also there. He asked if I was going along, which I didn’t like at first, but eventually liked to see how it went. When they got there they turned out to be acquaintances, and I was allowed in for free. It was not very busy, and there was a bar and a stage behind which porn movies were shot. There were also 2 nice women who spoiled the men there and gave shows on stage.

I immediately received a lot of interest from 5 English guests, who were happy with me. I had no intention at all, but after Arie told them how mischievous female I was, and showed a few photos, interest only increased.

After a live show on stage by one of the women with one of the guests, Arie asked if I didn’t feel like doing this with Tjibbe and him. I didn’t like that, but after seeing a few wines and porn movies I got excited about the idea.

Because I had nothing sexy with me, I was allowed to borrow fishnet stockings and high boots from one of the women. With loud cheering from the English, I entered the stage with Arie and Tjibbe, which excited me so much that all my brakes were released.

After the three of us had gone through various positions Arie asked if I wanted to sit on Tjibbe’s cock and put his cock in my ass. The English went completely crazy about this.

When they both came we went for a drink at the bar, where I was only in stockings and boots between the English. Arie loved that and suggested I do it over with them again. I didn’t really like that, but after Arie said that I had often done this with someone unknown, and I got excited from all those hands on my body, I admitted, which resulted in me being taken in all my holes by all 6 Englishmen.

Afterwards Arie gave me 300 Euro that he had received from the club, which made me feel guilty when I drove to my Peter late at night. Peter woke up when I got into bed and immediately noticed that something had happened. Fortunately, the story excited him, and after a lovemaking we fell asleep.

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